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Friday, November 24, 2006

Profit center balance sheet

On this post I would like to look at how the system has been designed to transfer balance sheet items to profit centers using the transactions 1KEH, 1KEI, 1KEJ, 1KEK. Often I have come across situations where the total balance of balance sheet accounts on a report painter report based on the library for GLPCT doesn’t match with the total of the line items on the called up report. This is not a Bug rather this is how the system has been designed.

When the trnasactions 1KEH, 1KEI, 1KEJ, or 1KEK being used, GLPCA table gets updated with the total balance of each object (Customer, Vendor, WIP, Material, F.Asset) for the given period. But GLPCT table update happens based on a delta technique.

Let me explain this logic using the following example.

Imagine that a customer has a constant balance of $200 in periods 1, 2, 3.

Transaction 1KEK for the period 1 would make an entry on GLPCT (Total) for $200 and another entry on GLPCA (Line item) for $200.

For the period 2, since the total balance of the customer for the given period would be updated on GLPCA table, Transaction 1KEK would update $200. But GLPCT will be updated using delta technique hence the value would be $0.

Same procedure would be followed for period 3.

When the user runs the profit center balance sheet for the periods 0-3, total amount based to GLPCT would show the correct amount $200 for the reconciliation account of the given customer. But when the user drills down and calls the standard profit center line item display report, it would show a wrong figure $600.

To correct this mismatch, user has to run the line item report only for period 3 rather than 0-3. A customer development of line item display report with the logic stated above and assignment to the report painter library for profit center reports would solve this issue.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you

Craigster said...

What do you do if the GLPCA entries don't add up to GLPCT? Is there a comparison report?

julia said...

It was difficult for me.. Thanks for advices to prepare good balance sheet format.. said...

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