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Friday, October 06, 2006

SAP Business Transaction Events

I’m extremely sorry that I couldn’t write on my blog for some time because of the assignments that I had to finish for my clients! Today I got some free time and decided to talk about SAP business transaction events!

SAP business transaction events are one type of customer enhancements provided by SAP! On this post I’ll talk about how we can change the logic for duplicate vendor invoice check using SAP business transaction events!

We can access the business transaction events using FIBF

Next we have to find the process interface for duplicate invoice check! To do that, follow the following steps.

  • Select the menu as stated below
  • Execute the info system as stated below
  • All the processes will be shown below
  • Select the process 1110 and click on “Sample function module” as stated below
  • Copy the sample functional module “SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110” and create “ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110”. Put the customized logic in the functional module “ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110” and activate it!
  • Now go back to FIBF and execute the menu as shown below
  • Define a new product and activate it

  • Now go back to FIBF and execute the menu as shown below

  • Assign the function module “ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110” to the process “1110”and the product that was defined in the earlier step.
  • Bingo!!!!!! Now every time when a vendor invoice is being posted the invoice check will be carried out using the custom logic built into the function module “ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110”. But make sure that the “double invoice check” tick has been put on the relevant vendor masters!

I hope this post about the SAP business transaction events will help your business! Thank you very much for reading my blog! Please feel free to send me your comments!