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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Journal entry upload in S4Hana using Fiori app.

One of the common requirements that we come across in projects is the requirement to upload journal entries using excel templates. We normally propose third party tools such as ZOption, Winshuttle or a custom development to satisfy this requirement. Each of these third party tools come with their own strengths and weaknesses and importantly license fees to use them. A custom development comes with the cost related to design, development and maintenance.

With S4Hana, SAP has given a standard solution to upload journal entries using Fiori apps. I'm going to talk about this standard solution in S4Hana on this post. There is no need for any customizations except the installation of the Fiori app to make use of this standard functionality.

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Step 1

We need to install the app F2548 - Upload journal entries. 

Step 2

Once the app is installed launch it using the Fiori launch pad.

Step 3

Click on the "Download Template" link on the lower right corner of the app. This will give the option to download the journal entry template using Excel or CSV formats. I have selected the excel format for the purpose of this post. Save the template on the desired location.

Step 4

Once the template is downloaded, we can populate it with the required journal entry or entries. Following options are provided with the solution.

1. Data elements are validated when the entry is posted. This solution doesn't provide field drop downs on excel template for input fields like some third party tools such as ZOption do.

2. Multiple journal entries can be loaded by adding multiple header records on the same upload file.

3. Ledger specific postings can be loaded by populating the ledger group on header.

Step 5

Once the file is prepared, load it using the upload option available on the Fiori app. Selecting the file will load it into the staging area but the entry is not posted as part of this step.

Step 6

Click on "Post" option located on the bottom right corner of the app. System will display the accounting document numbers once posted.

Any data errors will be displayed using the posting log. Log can be seen by clicking on "Show Log" option located on bottom right corner of the app. We can fix the errors on upload template and reload it by updating the "Batch ID" field on the upload file with the "Batch ID" provided as part of the original load.

I hope this post is helpful to you guys. Please do let me know your feedback.