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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to populate ACDOCP

In this post I would like to talk about a way to populate the table ACDOCP that was delivered with S4Hana version 1610. There were no major business functionalities delivered by SAP with regards to ACDOCP till version 1709 but looks like these anticipated functionalities will be delivered as part of 1809. I'm expecting that, one of the functionalities will be the plan allocation for profit centers based on actual. I will try to update my blog with these functionalities once I get hold of a 1809 system.

There are two main InfoProviders delivered by SAP for integrated business planning for finance. You can view them using the transaction code RSPLAN.

/ERP/SFIN_R01 is a real InfoProvider that was delivered originally. Since this is a real InfoProvider, the data is stored in the InfoProvider itself. A virtual info provider based on ACDOCA and a Multi provider were used to generate plan and actual data needed for planning functions.

/ERP/SFIN_V20 is delivered as part of version 1610 and is a virtual provider that sits on top the Hana table ACDOCP. We also have a virtual info provider for actuals based on ACDOCA and a Multi provider to facilitate the planning functions.

By default, all the queries used by analysis for office templates that are used to manage planning functionalities point to the real InfoProvider /ERP/SFIN_R01. We will be changing the the info provider to  /ERP/SFIN_V20 in these queries so the data can be updated in table ACDOCP.

Step 1 - Open the Analysis for office template and identify the query to be updated.

click on "Analysis" tab and select "Display" option from tool bar. Select "Information" tab on display pane as shown below. The query related to selected workbook can be found under the "Query Technical Name"

Step 2 - Update the query with the InfoProvider related to table ACDOCP

Open the query identified above using either the BW query designer or Hana studio. For the purpose of this post, I have used BW query designer. Once the query is opened, change the default value for characteristic InfoProvider to /ERP/SFIN_V20 from /ERP/SFIN_R01.

Step 3 - Load the plan data using the Analysis for office 

Now if we work on plan data using the analysis for office workbook that was modified in above steps, the plan data would be updated in table ACDOCP.

I didn't put a lot of technical details in this post to make sure that the finance functional consultants without a technical background can understand the mechanics behind updating ACDOCP.  Hope this post helps to understand ACDOCP update in 1709. I will try to make a post in future with the new planning functionalities delivered by 1809.

1 comment: said...

thank you, Sir. Your advice helped for first understanding of someone coming from ERP. I have this 1809 playground now and I try to find my plan/actual Deviation mode here. If you van tell me more, I appreciate. I learned, KP06 is dead and I use the SFIN roles for Excel surface planning. But how to get these plan entries seen on the reports, in table acdocp?
Vour article helped a lot. Thank you, Karl