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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dispute management (Chargeback)

Today I’m going to talk about the dispute management module delivered by SAP under financial supply chain management solution. Typically when the dispute management module is not implemented, users would store key information related to disputes or chargeback on the accounting document line item text on the residual items (Or some where on the accounting document).

When the dispute management module is implemented, one of the key requirements would be to copy this information to the Notes on dispute cases. Using the following solution, this can be easily implemented.

Step 1

Implement the BADI ZFDM_AR_DEF_NOTE.

Step 2

Implement the code shown below in the method GET_DEFAULT_NOTE

Data : wa_note type TLINE,

wa_bseg type bseg.

select single * from bseg into wa_bseg where belnr = I_DISPUTE_DATA-BELNR_AKT and GJAHR = I_DISPUTE_DATA-GJAHR_AKT


if sy-subrc = 0.

append initial line to c_note.

loop at c_note into wa_note.

wa_note-TDLINE = wa_bseg-SGTXT.

MODIFY c_note INDEX sy-tabix FROM wa_note





Now when the disputes are created using the transaction code FDM_AUTO_CREATE, Line items text would automatically be added to the dispute notes.

Hope this helps. See you next time.

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