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Sunday, August 28, 2005

About Me

Hello Reader,

My name is Shathees Loganathan. I was born and brought up in a beautiful island called Sri Lanka and living in USA as a permanent resident for last 10 years.

I'm an associate member of charted institute of management accounts UK (CIMA) and a member of charted global management accountants (CGMA). Currently I'm reading for my MSc in strategic business management from Manchester Metropolitan University in UK.  I have also completed a two year diploma in software development at NIIT while doing my studies to become a management accountant.  

I am in SAP consulting world since 2004. I have lead the SAP finance rollouts for clients such as MAS holdings in Sri Lanka, Warnaco (USA, Canada, Mexico), Global Brands Group, Timberland, Maidenform, Bio-Rad, Viacom (US, Canada, Europe, South America including Brazil) and Wiley (US, Canada, Europe, Asia). I was also part of pre sales efforts through out my career including the resent engagement with Nike along with EY in 2017.

You can reach me through one of the following channels.

Email -
Phone - 585 471 0704
Skype - shatheesl